ITP 303 (12pm)

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Lab 2 due Wed 1/19 11:59pm
A2 due Mon 1/24 11:59pm

Extension request form is here: To obtain an extension, submit the form within 1 hour after the deadline.

General Info

Instructor: Nayeon Kim (
Time: Tue & Thu 12:00pm - 1:50pm
Location: SOS B4
Syllabus: Link to syllabus
TAs: Aaqib Ismail
Abbas Zaidi
Jay Lin
Jessica Hadiwijoyo
Serena Huynh
Skylar Kim
Questions?: Ask on EdStem

Office Hours

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Course Outline

Lecture # Lecture Notes Lab Assignment
Responsive Web Design
CSS Selectors, Cascade, Page Layouts L2: Updated Student Page
Due 01/19 at 11:59pm
A2: Responsive Product Page
Due 01/24 at 11:59pm
Intro to CSS, Divs, Box Model
Course Overview, the WWW L1: Student Page & Server Set-up
Due 01/14 at 11:59pm
A1: Interests Page
Due 01/17 at 11:59pm