Lab 2: Updated Student Page


You will be re-creating your student_page.html to be structured that it has two rows and two columns.


  1. Create a new HTML file called student_page.html. You can edit your previous student_page.html from Lab 1, but you may find it easier to just start from scratch.
  2. All content requirements are similar to Lab 1:
    1. Name, email, favorite color, website, activity, etc.
  3. Put entire content within a <div>  with set width (≤ 950px) and center it on the page.
  4. First row:
    1. Name as heading
    2. Email address
  5. Second row:
    1. First column: Favorite color, website, and activity
    2. Second column: List of classes you are taking this semester
  6. Third row:
    1. First column: Links to assignments
    2. Second column: Links to labs
  7. Make sure links to all of your previous assignments and labs are working.
    1. You do not need to include Lab 1.
    2. Link Lab 2 to this file (itself).
  8. Feel free to add any additional styling or design as long as the requirements above are met.
  9. Tips: Create a <div> for every row.
Submission/Upload to the server

Please follow the submission requirements below carefully. You will be deducted points for not following submission requirements to the teeth.

  1. Open FileZilla and connect to the itpwebdev server as you have done in Lab 1 (click File -> Site Manager). If you forgot how to connect, follow this guide on how to connect and upload files to the itpwebdev web server.
  2. Upload this file to the public_html folder. Overwrite the previous student_page.html.
  3. Check that the page has uploaded by going to your URL: browsers cache old versions of your file. If you do not see the file update, hard refresh the page by pressing Shift and click on the refresh icon.
  4. (Optional) If you are having trouble uploading to the server and cannot upload on time, add all files for this assignment in a folder, compress it as a .zip file and upload it to Blackboard. On Blackboard, go to Assignments ->Lab 2: Updated Student Page. You will get some points deducted for not uploading correctly but at least you will not get a zero.