Assignment 10: Final Project Proposal


For this assignment, you will write up a proposal for your final project (PDF only, no .docx). Your final project needs to be a full stack web application on any topic. While you need to design your own database, you may use data from different sources.


  1. Write up all the below requirements in a document (Word, Google doc, etc). You will need to export a PDF named final_project_proposal.pdf when you are done.
  2. Read over the Final Project requirements and think about what web application you want to build for the final project.
  3. Topic: discuss what your website is about in 1-2 sentences.
  4. Audience: In 1-2 sentences, describe who the intended audience is for this application.
  5. Design & Style:
    1. Discuss design and color scheme in 2-3 sentences.
      1. Don’t know where to start? is a great tool to help you generate color schemes.
      2. Design inspiration:,,
    2. Provide links to 3 websites that inspired your design.
  6. Scope:
    1. How many pages are you planning to have?
      1. What are the pages?
    2. If it is a single page website, how many sections are you planning to have?
      1. What are the sections?
  7. Database:
    1. What data will be stored in the database?
    2. Where is data coming from?
  8. Database Diagram:
    1. Design the database you will use for this project and create a database diagram using MySQL Workbench.
    2. You do not need to insert any records. Just the schema is sufficient.
    3. Include the database diagram of your database (image).
  9. Wireframes (minimum of 4 wireframes total):
    1. Include wireframes of what the home page and one other major page of your web application will look like .
      1. You must include at minimum, one mobile version and one desktop version of each page (2 wireframes per page, 4 wireframes total).
    2. These wireframes can be hand-drawn or created digitally using a graphics tool like Figma (free), Sketch, or Adobe Photoshop. You can also use wireframe tools like Whimsical (free version available), Balsamiq or Omnigraffle.
    3. These wireframes do not need to have a ton of detail (placeholders are fine), but should still give you a good idea what the application will end up looking like. Wireframes that look like any of the three samples below are acceptable.
      1. Sample 1 – Hand-drawn
      2. Sample 2 – Wireframe created by Balsamiq
      3. Sample 3 – Wireframe created by Sketch
    4. Of course, if you want to add more detail like colors, real images/text, etc, you are welcome to do so!
    5. Insert these wireframes to the document as well.
  10. This proposal is not set in stone. You may change any aspect of your final project at any time. However, spending a big chunk of time thinking through the final project now rather than later is a wise idea. Don’t treat this assignment trivially.
  11. Submission:
    1. Export this document as a PDF file (name it final_project_proposal.pdf).
    2. Connect to the itpwebdev server on FileZilla.
    3. Create a folder (aka directory) named assignment10 and upload the PDF to this folder.
    4. Open up your student_page.html and add a link to this PDF file.
    5. Upload the student_page.html to the itpwebdev server.