Lab 7: Simple Film Database Design


This lab helps ensure you understand this week’s material and have all software working for upcoming lectures and assignments. You will design, upload, and populate a simple film database.


  1. Create a database in cPanel -> MySQL Databases
    1. Name it yourusername_film_db (your DB will be prefixed with your username by default).
  2. Open MySQL Workbench. Create a new model.
  3. Use the same name from step #1 for your schema name in MySQL Workbench.
  4. Design a database to store data from Highest Grossing Films table below.
  5. Normalize the database.
  6. Establish table relationships.
  7. Use appropriate data types.
    1. Hint: Range of INT data type is too small to fit Worldwide Gross field.
  8. Column names must be lowercase and separated by underscores for consistency.
    1. Example: worldwide__gross.
  9. Populate all tables with correct data.
  10. Save the model (saves as a .mwb file) and upload on Blackboard.
    1. Go to Blackboard->Assignments->Lab 7: Simple Film Database Design
    2. If you are unsure of your design choice (how you normalized tables), you can add comments on Blackboard rationalizing your decision.
  11. Forward Engineer your model to server.
  12. You can check that the database is successfully on the server by going to cPanel -> Databases -> phpMyAdmin.


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