Assignment 8: PHP Form Output


This assignment will help you get more practice with PHP syntax, form variables, and conditional statements


See working sample here:


  1. Download starter file.
  2. Form Page (form.php)
    1. Fill out <form> tag’s action and method attributes appropriately. 
    2. When this form is submitted, it will run submit_form.php.
  3. Form Output / Submission Page (submit_form.php)
    1. Perform all validation as needed.
      1. If any of the fields are not filled out (except Flavor), display Not provided” message in red.
      2. Tip: The provided HTML pages are using Bootstrap. Therefore, you can use CSS class text-danger for red text and the class text-success for green text.
    2. Show a message with current date & time in following format:
      1. This form was submitted on [weekday], [month] [day], [year] at [time].
        1. Example: This form was submitted on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 03:15:14 PM.
        2. For the hour, use 12-hour format (not 24) with leading zeros.
      2. Use Los Angeles timezone.
      3. Refer to the PHP official documentation and search for the date function to see how to get the formatting exactly right.
    3. Display following values in submit_form.php after the form is submitted:
    4. Submission
      1. When completed, you will need to upload this page to the itpwebdev server via FileZilla (like you have done for labs/assignments earlier in the semester).
      2. Connect to the itpwebdev server on FileZilla. Create a folder named assignment08 and upload all files to this folder.
      3. In your browser, go to to check that the assignment file has been uploaded correctly.
      4. One last thing. In your computer, open up student_page.html that you created in Lab 1. Add a link to this assignment to student_page.html under the heading “Assignments” so that the TAs can easily access your completed assignment.
      5. Upload the updated student_page.html to the itpwebdev server via FileZilla inside the public_html folder. If it asks you want to overwrite the previous file, click Yes.