ITP 104 (W, 5PM )

Welcome to ITP 104! This website will contain all class material (lecture, assignments, etc). Bookmark this site for easy access.

Note: All lecture slides, labs, and assignments require USC Login.

General Info

Instructor: Nayeon Kim (
Time: Wed 5:00pm - 7:50pm
Location: SLH 100
Syllabus: Link to syllabus
TAs: Desiree Khoo
Kelly Kenyon
Mehak Bhatia
Office Hours: TBA
Questions?: Ask on EdStem

Course Outline

# Lecture Lab Assignment
HTML & CSS Lab 2: Student Page
due Thursday, 01/20 by 11:59pm
Assignment 1: Web Resume
due Tuesday, 01/25 by 11:59pm
Course Overview, Intro to HTML Lab 1: Text Editor, GitHub
due Thursday, 01/13 by 11:59pm